Don't take our word for it.

Hear what these small business owners have to say about doing business here in Downtown Martinez.


Martinez was and still is, an underserved community. It is occupied by thousands of smart, affluent, hard working people who deserve dining and hospitality options. We are simply doing what we love and live to do in a community that appreciates us!
— Arash Pakzad, Cuff and Collar Home Kitchen and Barrelista Coffee
Downtown Martinez provided the opportunity for me to start a business without having to worry about sky high rents. I offered a high end service and product and the community welcomed it. Since opening in 2009 I’ve gone from 1 employee to 22 and 400 square feet to 3400.
— Candice Gliatto, Citrus Salon
[Since opening in 2009] My staff has doubled, my menu is three times as big and I’m open twice as much.
— Linda Pheng, Lemongrass Bistro
All of the events are great! I always sell at least one piece [of furniture] after every wine stroll or beer crawl.
— Fred Morse, Attic Child
I was tired of leaving town for what I love and I noticed Martinez had decided to wake up. Since opening in 2011 my business has grown by 30%. This town has nothing but up.
— James Blair, Creek Money Taphouse