"Urban Century" Screening at Creek Monkey Tap House


"After decades of decline due to suburban sprawl, downtown communities all across the country are once again becoming vibrant, desirable destinations to live, work, and play, Examining this current rebirth of Main Street through the lens of several towns, including Flint, MI and Joplin, MO, Urban Century takes a refreshingly hopeful look at how these places from our past are becoming the key to our country's future. This isn't a story about saving Main Street, but about how Main Street just might save us. Whether it's economic downturn, climate change, or a glowingly unhealthy population, could the solutions to our biggest problems be as simple as returning to our urban roots?"

The documentary was shown to our members at our annual meeting on Tuesday July 21st and to the public on Wednesday the 22nd. Both nights had decent attendance and the film left both groups feeling very inspired. We even recruited some new volunteers and committee members!

We will be showing the film again at the Campbell Theater on September 29th and 30th. Reserve your ticket by clicking the link below.



-Candice Gliatto, Economic Restructuring Committee Chair