Business Visits - Day 1

This past Tuesday, Ben, Tony, Terry (Main Street Martinez President) and I set out to do our first round of business visits as the new ER committee. Our plan is to visit each Downtown business every other month and touch base with them on how their business is doing, share news about upcoming events and education and offer help in anyway we can. 

The main item on our visit agenda was to introduce ourselves and share some of the projects we've been working on. These include the available property tour, the quarterly business owner's forums and We provided our merchants with informative articles about branding a business and effective retail display and introduced them to our Pinterest, which is filled with great ideas and articles for small businesses. 

We had a great visit at Attic Child where we spent about 30 minutes talking with owner, Fred. Fred has been on Main Street over 20 years and has found it to be a great place to conduct business. We discussed his praises and concerns and Fred gave us some great suggestions. Fred and I will meet later to work on his social media advertising. We chatted with Arash of Barrel Aged and Barrelista.  Being a member of the ER committee he was up to date on our current projects but still spent some time talking with us about his experience in operating his two businesses downtown. He is looking forward to the business owners forum.

Unfortunately many of the businesses were either too tied up to talk with us or the owner wasn't in and our time was running out. We had been on the streets for two and a half hours and we had only covered half of Main Street. We came to the conclusion that we needed a better strategy. Next time out we will break up into two teams to cover more ground and have a printed flyer or newsletter to leave with merchants in the case that they are unable to talk with us. I'm working on the newsletter this weekend and we'll hit the streets again early next week. I'll let you know how it goes!

Candice Gliatto -

Chair of Economic Restructuring Committee and owner of Citrus Salon, Downtown Martinez